HDPE Folding Adirondack Chair


This folding Adirondack chair provides all the comfort and durability you expect from an Adirondack with the additional folding features for more convenience.

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Features & Details

● The high and curved backrest offers complete and comfortable support to your back.
● Its foldable design allows you to conveniently fold it flat for easy transportation and storage.
● Eco-friendly HDPE lumber uses recycled material and is fully recyclable to reduce the impact on the environment.
● Built to withstand various climates, including hot sun, heavy rain, snow, and coastal solid winds.
● The lumber is treated with UV Protectant to prevent fading and discoloration (Lightfastness meets Grade-4 of US Standard, the vibrant color will remain for years to come)
● Marine-grade quality hardware is composed of corrosion-resistant materials designed for harsh outdoor environments and will not rust or fade over time.
● Easy to clean, hose down with water for a fast wash, use mild soap and soft-bristle brush for regular maintenance.

Item Weight 38.6 lbs
Overall Dimensions 22.5″ × 35.6″ × 29.7″ (W×H×D)
Seat Dimensions 20.3″ × 14.8″ × 21.3″ (W×H×D)
Folded Dimensions 22.5″ × 45.5″ × 10.4″
HDPE Folding Adirondack Chair

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